Photoshoot: Ocean Beach Scooter Extravaganaza


Remember when Razor Scooters were the only way to navigate to a friends house when your parents would deny you a ride? Well, they're back! Who say's girls in their twenties can't ride scooters? 

Alyssa and Lauren were such a joy to shoot with! For this shoot, I grabbed inspiration from some of my favorite insta influencers @Mvanderluis and @Campsbaygirl. I wanted to have a fun, laid back beach day, cruisin' the streets of Ocean Beach on a Sunday afternoon, and that's exactly what I got. 

Us girls started out by getting coffee at The Nest, one of my all time favorite places to hang out and peep the independent vendors that they offer in their store. After our coffees, we headed to the pier to take some scooter pics. I was testing out my new lens on these girls, and I can say that shooting the girls in manual on my Canon 17-55mm f2.8 was my best bet. We made this a very fun scene and the pics turned out amazing! (see below). 

Play time didn't stop there; we scootered our way downhill to take some close ups of the girls riding through the street, and tried not to get hit by cars while we were at it. Later we ventured to the beach where we ended our day with some amazing shots on the boardwalk and under the pier. 

Take a look at the photos captured from our adventure, and be sure to let me know what you think! @nicolehainesblog