Because Today Was a Good Day

"Difficult roads, often lead to beautiful destinations" 

Some of us learn to be strong at a young age, and then there are some of us that are unintentionally taught by default. It’s sort of like riding a bike…You either get on, start peddling with the training wheels, and eventually take them off, or you simply get on and start peddling, fall a few times, pick up a few scars, learn from your mistakes and come out a new person. Either way gives you a sense of feeling accomplished, a way of overcoming the unthinkable.  

Most children grow up with a solid family base, an important role model to coach them through the hard ships of life that they have not yet experienced, and someone with an authority figure to look up to and admire their strong words of wisdom and intellect. And then there are some that learn to grow up being alone. Being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing - in fact it’s a part of someone's DNA, and what makes them interesting, unique, and different from the rest. 

Being independent is one of the most important traits a person can have. When you are too dependent on others to guide you through the challenges of life, you become stagnant, predictable, and even worse, just like everyone else. Never depend on anyone to get you through life obstacles, instead, thrive at finding ways to excel on your own. Instead of thinking for ways to overcome adversity, create your own excellence by living and learning through your weaknesses. 

Take a moment to look back at the past year. Has it been everything you’ve wanted it to be? Has there been emotions and ups and downs that you never prepared for? Were there challenges you didn’t think you could overcome? Are you a better person because of those challenges? 

Whether it's today, tomorrow, two months, or four years from now, there are going to be days where it feels like the harder and faster you try to swim to shore, the further the rip current keeps pulling you back out to sea. There will be days where you'll keep searching for answers, yet the answers to your questions will somehow be hiding behind the heavy clouds of fog ahead of you. But then there will be a day - where it all just clicks. You’ll realize in that exact moment, that everything you thought you wanted, was the best thing that never happened. 

Stop comparing yourself and your achievements to others around you. Your expectations around what your life has become, should be solely focused on your inner will to succeed - not by the successes of everyone else around you. 

My advice to everyone reading this, is when life gets hard and it seems that everyone and everything around you is 20 feet ahead - take a step back and be thankful for what you have in that exact moment. Sometimes that's all we need - When we get kicked down, stepped on, basically torn apart, just remember there’s always a light at the end of the end of the tunnel. There will ALWAYS be a light at the end of the tunnel. Never stop fighting, never stop working towards your goals and you will always come out on top. 

I truly believe that the strongest hearts have the most scars, and although sometimes you may think you are far behind everyone else, just remember that the paths you had to take to get you where you are, is exactly where you should be.