6 Reasons To Go On The Yacht Week Before You Die


Rewind to about a year ago - I found myself drinking wine on the couch with my best friend Courtney, when we were Googling "fun trips to take in your twenties". One of the first blogs we read had "The Yacht Week" as a must-do bucket list item before you die.  We did some light researching, and from what we could find, The Yacht Week looked like some fantasy yacht cruise mixed with people and parties that seemed to be straight out of a movie. In the following weeks, I found an insane deal on a flight to Greece, ($400 round trip from San Diego...unreal, I know) and not far from that point we found ourselves booking a two-person cabin on The Yacht Week Greece, Week 34. 

Courtney and I had absolutely NO clue what to expect, all we knew is that we were going to have seven straight days in the summer basking in the Mediterranean sun, sipping cocktails on a yacht and meeting hundreds of people along the way. For this blog post, I could have gone into a lot more detail about what those seven days entailed, but I thought listing out six main reasons why you should absolutely, without a doubt go on The Yacht week at least once before you die was a better approach. 


#6 It's not your typical European vacation

If you're like me - and dread planning what to do on your next vacation; The Yacht Week is the perfect trip for you. If you like tropical adventures, eating delicious foreign food, getting to see island culture, love meeting new people, and aren't afraid to get a little dirty - this trip provides all of that and more. With seven days of straight planning for you, all you have to do is book a flight, pack a suitcase of bikini's or board shorts, and let The Yacht Week handle the rest. They provide you with an app that lists out the plans for every single day, so that worrying about where you're going to eat, or what you should do for the day is never and issue. Your yacht comes with a personal skipper (to take you from island to island), a hostess that shops and cooks for you, and you get to see 4-5 different islands in seven days, all while sleeping under the stars.


#5 The Party never stops 

The Yacht Week is known for their parties. If you think you'll be partying one or two out of the seven days, you're wrong. There is a party (if not two) every single day. Some are themed, some are not - some in the water, some on the yacht. The Yacht Week is now offering Fast, Mid and Slow paced trips, so if partying is not really your thing, you can try out the slower paced routes like Italy. My all time favorite party of the week was the Circle Raft Party, where all 30 boats dock in the middle of the ocean and you get to blow up your rafts for one huge floating festival. 


#4 It's not just for singles

You're probably thinking "Oh, that looks like something only singles would go on" - and although this trip is definitely more fun for individuals NOT in a relationship, you can always rent an entire yacht with just your select friends from home and enjoy this trip with couples as well. You will have the same amount of fun, you just probably won't be sleeping on other people's yachts by the end of the night (shhhh... I didn't say that ;) 


#3 Yolo 

Till this day, I still say that The Yacht Week was the best week of my life, and the one phrase that always comes to mind when I think about this adventure is "You. Only. Live. Once." I will forever remember this trip for not only the friendships I made, but the sights and experiences I will never forget. The endless drinking, sleepless nights, and sun bathing while the ocean breeze swept through my hair are a few minor memories I will hold on to for a life time. 


#2 The Island Culture is more authentic

On a typical European vacation, you are usually inclined to visit mainstream locations (like Santorini, Mykonos, etc) however when you travel with The Yacht Week, they take you to the islands that are far off the grid. We visited islands such as Ermioni, Poros, and Porto Heli, which meant that not many tourists were flooding the islands in the mid summer months. We got to ride donkeys through the hills of Hydra, and eat fresh octopus in the tiny town of Ermioni. The Gyro sandwiches, and Greek Salads were the best I've ever had.


#1 The friendships you make are priceless

The number one reason you should go on The Yacht Week before you die is for the lasting friendships you will make with people from all over the world. On our yacht, our skipper was from London, two girls were from Scotland, two guys were from Germany, two guys from North Carolina and our hostess was from Austria. When you spend just about every waking moment for seven days with these people, you get to to know them inside and out, and the friendships you make carry on for years after the vacation ends. Also keep in mind - there are around 30 other boats (300 - 400 other people) who you meet along the way as well. I've met friends from ALL over the world in just seven short days, and I can honestly say I will never forget any of them. 

watch the full video below of my Yacht Week adventure around the Greek Islands :)

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