Born and raised in the magical city of San Diego, I consider myself a certified beach bum. 

When I'm not spending my days basking in the summer sun, I love to write, inspire others, travel, take photos, spend time with my dog Ziggy, teach yoga, capture moments on my GoPro and just enjoy the simple things in life, like peanut butter. 

By day, I'm a Digital Producer working for BASIC Agency, and by night I'm either working on podcast ideas, taking yoga classes, or teaching them.

If there is one thing that keeps me motivated everyday, it's supporting others and helping people achieve their own success. I believe everyone should have a "side hustle", and as a woman working in an industry that is predominantly male, I hope I can be a role model to anyone out there who is trying to stand out and build their personal empire. You can do this!

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Nicole Haines

Digital Producer. Adventurer. Photographer. Entrepreneur.